ck1 cologne gift set

see why it is liked by a wide audience. I didn't know much about perfumes yet, but this one came under my radar because it became famous for being a unisex fragrance. It isn't among my favorites, not spielplan schauspielhaus bochum juni 2018 even among other fragrances of this type. Because it is all of these, it is also perfectly unisex. I see what they mean by the freshly cut grass smell. It is very fresh and very clean, green and citrus. The only middle notes I detect is a slight pepper with a dash of delightful violet. Jean Paul Gaultier By Jean Paul Gaultier. I can see why some people would find it boring, especially for those who prefer more complex fragrances. But sometimes, that is just the kind of scent someone needs. It's just a little soapy but not overly so, like stepping out of a shower.

Customer Comments, i was very impressed,. 5, Dior Poison, or YSL Opium, but a classic in its own right. Overall rating.5/5, update: A good few weeks later 212 Men keeps my original.5 rating, only for two reasons - longevity, which is highly disappointing and a crying shame actually. Azzaro By Azzaro, boss. It is everything I remember it.

212 Men does however make me feel energized and clean. It has its place, and I can see this living on even after the current trends have died down and new ones are raging. Generally speaking this stuff is nice, versatile and recommended. If I would consider CK One a love, it would be because of its nostalgia. I get this feminine perfume notion sometimes which makes me doubt if I will buy it again. I eventually indulged in the 100ml bottle with the nifty magnetic lid. Cool Water By Davidoff, chrome By Azzaro, eternity By Calvin Klein.