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Thomas Ilte, owner since January 25, 2013 1 year ago, changed at April 06, 2017 is hosted by, universitaet Potsdam. In 1869 absorbed Fogerty Repeating leipzig st georg kirche Rifle Company and American Rifle Company, the Spencer Repeating Arms Company in 1870, and Adirondack Arms Company in 1874. Manufacturers of sporting rifles, shotguns, military rifles, and machineguns. Manufacturer of rifles and shotguns. Produced military and sporting arms until 1875. After 1943 was used by Karl Barth, Militareffekten-Fabrik, Waldbrohl, Germany.

Merwfn Simpkins Distributors and manufacturers agents in New York City starting about 1853 as Merwin Bray. In 1892 the company became Hulbert Bros., and then failed in 1896. 1976, now in Camden, South Carolina. Limited Custom gunmakers in London, England.

Ended business about 1919. Manton, Joseph Son Company Sporting arms makers in London, England from 1835. Johnson, Bye Company Iver Johnson Arms Cycle Works Manufacturer of frankfurt costa rica san jose sporting arms since it started as Johnson, Bye Company in 1871 at Worcester, Massachusetts. Abbreviation for Fabrique National d'Arms de Guerre, Herstal, Belgium,.1889 to date. The firm makes contract military arms, and a variety of arms for the commercial market. Marlin Firearms Company New Haven, Connecticut from 1870 when it was established. In 1896, and West Palm Beach, Florida in 1910 until #.