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darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie. T: 0611/ T: 069/. In 2017 hilt has moved to the Prague popular U Valsu Theatre in the centre of the Old Prague. 2, the second optical principle behind black light theatre is the effect of UV light on fluorescent objects. For this reason performers train extensively specifically for the black light theatre environment. Modern dance in black light theatre edit In 1989 the Image Theatre was founded by dancer Eva Asterova (former member of Pavel Smok's famous Czech ballet company) and Alexander Cihar. Facebook: European Stars and Stripes, instagram: Stripes Europe, pinterest: Stripes Europe. Wiesbaden Theater Frankfurt Theater. The theaters website includes the schedule of upcoming shows, as well as information on the training centers workshops and classes.

Wiesbaden English Language Theater (welt). Since the beginning, Image Theatre had presented 10 different performances 13 and in each of them they came with some new black light technique effects. Another well-known group of black light theatre is black light theatre hilt Prague, 11 whose performances are based on modern music and dance choreographies, and has incorporated live singing. 2 Furthermore, the appearance of objects and actors in a performance can be sudden and can occur anywhere on stage, even within a few meters of an audience member. The English Theater in Frankfurt. 16 Another important consideration is that, since most of the space is completely dark, and the form is heavily dance based, a single wrong move by a single performer can negatively impact the entire production. 2.6.2017 they start to present also their best of called Phantom (best second hand brautkleider potsdam of ) that is the combination show of black light theatre, shadow d projections. Nowadays there are many companies of black light theatre also out of Prague (Hungary, Germany, 14 USA) trying to make shows similar to black light theatres in Prague.