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Preußenpark in einen asiatischen Street Food Markt. Er befindet sich auf dem Gelände des Klunkerkranichs auf dem obersten Parkdeck der Neukölln Arcaden. Alexanderplatz, Späti s (convenience shop) on every corner, and the chance to eat well anytime of the day. I believe the best döners are usually dependent on location. Location anzeigen.11 von 5 Top10 Punkten, moabit. Look for vendors around Alexanderplatz or anywhere groups of hungry people gather. It is so popular they opened a sit-down restaurant across the street.

Along with döner, sample other Turkish favorites like köfte, börek, and lahmacun (often referred to as Turkish pizza). Bratwurst, when you think of, german sausage, you are probably thinking of a bratwurst.

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For a start, currywurst and the döner kebab both originate from Berlin and have achieved long-standing cult status. Location anzeigen.63 von 5 Top10 Punkten. Popular with everyone from cab drivers to families to hung-over Americans, the small chicken stand at the entrance to Görlitzer Park usually has a line. Eat your way through the city from sausage to döner to falafel. Crackling, crispy skin hides succulent white meat with a side of salad, fries, or both coming to a grand total of around 5 euros. While Germans generally shy away from most things spicy, currywurst can deliver tongue-tingling heat. Experiment with classics like bacon and cheese, or go wild with peanut butter, or stick with the city's hipster veggie vibe with its many meat alternatives. Chew your way through the kebab houses of Berlin. TripAdvisor LLC ist nicht verantwortlich für den Inhalt externer Websites. Döner kebab: So many varieties, so little time. Currywurst : A Berlin original with or without skin. Today youll find the combination of juicy grilled meat from the spit, fresh salad and spicy sauce in a crisp flat bread on almost every street corner from.