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this friendly city that you couldnt possibly try them all in one trip. The city went to kick them out but they refused to leave and they were somehow allowed to stay. While we were there, two pizza chefs were busy cooking up pizzas in the impressive 480degree oven. From a gypsy punk band entertaining outside the train station, to quirky furnishings at our hotel, its a quarter with a lot of heart, and the perfect base for a vegan foodie holiday in Hamburg. The name is derived from the historic store front which is very beautiful. . Expect rope motifs alongside a wall made out of denim jeans. Kön Restaurants, restaurants, from haute cuisine to local specialties: Taste the wide variety of flavours that Hamburg has to offer sorted by cuisine and by location. Your positive remarks regarding our location are highly appreciated. Basil and olives set it off perfectly.

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Not only bars and pubs can be found in Hamburg 's nightlife district: the narrow streets around Reeperbahn are also full of great eateries.
There's hardly a place in Hamburg where veg(etari)ans still have to go hungry.

Its in the middle of a busy nightlife area, but its a couple of minutes out of the way and has double glazed windows so its really quiet. Many of the restaurants had English menus, and those that didnt were fairy easy to decipher, though staff were always happy to help translate. The guy who founded it, Roman is usually in the kitchen and you can see him performing his vegan master work from just where you sit to eat. Great setting, 10 meter high ceiling, huge lamps, good background music, cosy atmosphere. The area seems to be in the grip of gentrification, but that doesnt mean whitewashing the graffiti from the buildings. Both delicious, though if I returned in the evening, Id definitely choose from the extensive gin menu. I would like to see them cater to vegans just a tinsy tiny bit more though. We explore the most delicious vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes around St Pauli and other districts of Hamburg, Germany.

Its an artistic collective of buildings in the middle of the city that started over 5 years ago when some like minded people were squatting there. I mean, they even have Australian baristas! Dont fancy a hot breakfast?

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