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incentives as features are added that are unimportant to the users, but sound good to their managers manager (auditability, tracability, visibility, reporting, compliance with corporate IT policies or platforms). I usually tell my students that they will encounter some much more difficult to correlate applications than the. Sale must align to corporate budget cycle. Generally has complicated pricing that makes it difficult to compare other products that solve the same problem. Here are my notes from the conversation: Enterprise Software, shrinkwrap Software, is sold to a very small number of customers (due to the size of the market for something so specialised so the development costs must be amortised over fewer sales. It has a long sales cycle involving lots of meetings with sales people and pre-sales consultants. Lets go and get a coffee, and Ill tell you what I think of when I hear someone say enterprise software. Just click click click through the installation wizard. The product is sold to people who are not going to use it themselves. Because of its price tag, it must be sold to upper management. So, while I dont think that the two columns are a particularly good fit for either Performance Center or LoadRunner, I will probably avoid using the word enterprise when I am trying to say that a product is suited for activities that are business critical.

I thought for a second and explained Well, obviously they are both used for performance testing, but Performance Center is the Enterprise version of LoadRunner; so it suits larger companies who need to run performance testing for multiple projects at the same time without the. Sold cheaply to a large number of customers. Features are driven by the users who will buy the product. Cost of sale is very high. Requires an administrator to perform regular maintenance and keep it running. Correlation is one of the fundamental LoadRunner scripting skills; and LoadRunner novices are usually not very good at it (which is expected but people who think they are LoadRunner experts are sometimes not very good at it either. Usability is generally poor.

Performance Center My Load Test
Scripting Exercise: Correlation Challenge My Load Test

Probably sold by a website with no interaction with a real person. Click and Script vuser type but there will always be web applications that will require you to perform manual correlation when scripting. Mercury has done just about everything it can to remove the need for complicated correlation (correlation rules, the scan script for correlations option in VuGen, html mode recording, the. The Correlation exercise is available here. Users of the software probably require training, even if they already know how to do the same thing facelifting berlin flatowallee with another similar product. Prices are often not public, meaning you have to ask a sales person. Mercury Tours website, and they will need to spend some time improving their manual correlation skills using. Simple pricing with one or two versions (e.g. Expect a 6 or 7 figure price tag. New versions have bugs for a long time as there are fewer users to find them and complain about them. Theyre both sold by the same company, but they seem to do much the same thing.

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