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DetNUMpl - 'these' 'all' Det - 'the' 'some' 'several' Propnnumsg- 'Kim' 'Jody' nnumsg - 'dog' 'girl' 'car' 'child' nnumpl - 'dogs' 'girls' 'cars' 'children' ivtensepres, NUMsg - 'disappears' 'walks' tvtensepres, NUMsg. An important motivation was to capture generalizations across classes of segments; for example, that / n / gets realized as / m / preceding any labial consonant. N npnumpl - nnumpl # VP expansion productions vptense? The objects kim and chase both have a couple of shared features, CAT (grammatical category) and, oRTH (orthography,.e., spelling). System Message: error/3 ( t2, line 1702) Error in "gloss" directive: may contain a single table only. Athough feature structures rendered in the style of (16) are less visually pleasing, we will stick with this format, since it corresponds to the output we will be getting from nltk. For example, we would say that the value of NUM is the type num. Number 74 street 'rue Pascal' city 'Paris' This ordering is called subsumption; FS0 subsumes FS1 if all the information contained in FS0 is also contained in FS1. The grammar.2 illustrates the interaction of agreement (comprising person, number and gender) with case. C # Lexical Productions # Singular determiners # masc Detcasenom, agrgndmasc, PER3,NUMsg schifffahrt würzburg - 'der' Detcasedat, agrgndmasc, PER3,NUMsg - 'dem' Detcaseacc, agrgndmasc, PER3,NUMsg - 'den' # fem Detcasenom, agrgndfem, PER3,NUMsg - 'die' Detcasedat, agrgndfem, PER3,NUMsg - 'der' Detcaseacc, agrgndfem, PER3,NUMsg - 'die' # Plural determiners Detcasenom.

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Looking for a certain title? Which slot do you put the card into? (5) S - NP VP NP - Det N VP - V Det - 'this' N - 'dog' V - 'runs' Grammar (5) allows us to generate the sentence this dog runs; however, what we really want to do is also generate these dogs run. Typed feature structures were developed to remedy this deficiency. N - 'the' 'some' 'any' But in fact we can be even more economical, and just omit any specification for NUM in such productions. We know from the grammar.2 that Katze has category nagrgndfem, NUMsg, PER3. However, there are oettinger mönchengladbach stellenangebote exceptions like helfen that govern the dative case: (53) System Message: error/3 ( t2, line 1693) Error in "gloss" directive: may contain a single table only.

In fact, every production in (5) has two counterparts in (6). Atomic feature values can be strings or integers. The verb like requires an NP complement, while put requires both a following NP and.