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wheels was the E30 325iX Allrad from 1985 but now the companys own AWD system can be found in everything from the 1-series to the luxurious 7-series. It uses a central Torsen (torque sensing) differential thats built within the gearbox. Seen first in the 2016 A4 Allroad estate, it seems that Audi may have analysed the success of the Haldex system and decided that its time for the torsen diff to be consigned to the history books. The packaging space needed for the quattro system means that the engine has to be pushed further up the chassis. Audi is known for its exacting standards, relentless performance and uncompromising quality. Audi took its system to rallying when rear-wheel drive was rife and completely changed the motorsport forever to vastly all-wheel drive.

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Dynamic stability control is combined with an xDrive system to enhance the on-road capabilities by braking the inside wheels and cutting power across the axles to enhance rotation of the car. It depends who you ask, as the Internet is wash with videos and forum arguments over which is superior. They do an extremely good job but in slightly different ways, both having pros and cons. XDrive has its merits and could be classed as the more refined system, using the electrical response as a much quicker method than a hydraulic viscous coupling. BMW can, with always some torque output reaching both. As soon as the wheel slip is eliminated, the diff unlocks and normal torque bias is resumed. XDrive uses a multiplate clutch system instead of a viscous coupling as used in many other generic all-wheel drive cars. Accusations of tampering with stability control settings and ham-fisted driving often scuppers the chance of a fair result being established.

BMW, so you could say that. Although this may seem detrimental to AWD performance as less torque is being applied in the location of the heavy engine for traction, the firm has kept to its dogma and decided that its AWD cars need to still feel and act like true BMWs. Which system is better? But if rear-wheel drive fun is more your cup of tea and youre not having to hoon down any snow-covered roads anytime soon, then the xDrive system probably takes the win on this occasion. Quattro has evolved since then and is now plastered on the front grille and rear bumper of many models within the Audi range. True quattro systems are mounted longitudinally, in-line with the gearbox and engine of the car at hand. But overall it is still an extremely capable AWD system that has proven itself time-after-time in conquering the toughest of real-world road conditions.