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be a turret in the Ruhe valley, which was not built for financial reasons. 2) That work. A plan to expand the fortress to hold 100,000 men was never realised. Between the bases 21 and 22 was the trench 21a. Pictures edit In the Wilhelmsburg Caponniere 4 in Neu - Ulm Obere Donaubastion in Ulm West mountain front below the Wilhelmsburg Base outh of Neu - Ulm In the base 58 References edit External links edit Coordinates : 482443N 95858E /.41194N.98278E /.41194;. With its 9 km polygonal main circumvallation, ulm had the biggest fortress in Germany in the 19th century and it is still one of the biggest in Europe. The at this time first stone bridge across the Danube laid between both cities inside of the fortress. 3) The work.

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The building costs were valued at 16,5 mio. Infrastructure buildings edit In Ulm and Neu - Ulm were several buildings bought or built for the garrisons. Edit Between 19everal new buildings were constructed to support the fortress.

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The order of the listing is based on the price of a double room (starting with the most expensive). You find here an overview of guesthouses. These buildings were (beginning with Böfingen and moving counterclockwise around Ulm Name Built Location Today's shape Infantry base Böfingen 190304 Alfred-Delp-Weg, Böfingen Completely demolished Infantry base Haslach 190102 Heidenheimer Straße, east of Örlingen Completely demolished Infantry base Jungingen east 190102 east of Albstraße, Jungingen Overbuilt. Ulm ) was one of five federal fortresses of the, german pfarrer johanniskirche mainz Confederation around the cities of, ulm and. Xxxvii Prittwitz (first named Avancé) 1847-54 Completely preserved xxxviii Örlinger Turm 185052 Completely preserved xxxix Albeck 184659 Preserved, but ruinous XL Safranberg 185558 Completely preserved XLI Friedrichsau 185254 Nearly completely preserved 1) The Fort Oberer Kuhberg was also an early concentration camp between 19One well-known. On the Fort Oberer Kuhberg the front wall and side towers were reduced in height and around many forts infantry fences were installed. Work 14 was to be work 15, between 13 and 15 a small fort was planned and later also canceled. Xxxii Oberer Kuhberg1 184857 Completely preserved xxxiii Söflinger Turm 185556 Preserved, but ruinous xxxiv Unterer Eselsberg 184856 Completely preserved xxxv2 Oberer Eselsberg Subwork 188387 Completely preserved xxxvi3 Lehrer Turm 184850 Demolished in 187678 xxxvi Oberer Eselsberg Main work 1883-87 Only parts of it are preserved. The fortresses were one of the few realised projects of the confederation. The numbering began with the trench 1 between Obertalfingen and Böfingen, went counterclockwise around Ulm and Neu - Ulm and ended with trench 78 on the other side of the Danube. An additional fort near Pfuhl was planned in the mid-1860s, but cancelled due to the dissolution of the German Confederation. Name or function Built Location Fortress construction administration Bought in 1842 Building Reichenauer Hof, Donaustraße, Ulm Fortress construction yard 184548 Silcherstraße, Neu - Ulm Commissariat Ulm 186062 Frauenstraße / Karlstraße, Ulm Commissariat Neu - Ulm 184964 Silcherstraße / Krankenhausstraße, Neu - Ulm Chevauxlegers barracks 186567.

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