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come together to form a single outlet that will finally allow these two fashion. Put together by Munich-based firm Designliga, all interiors and furnishings are in a uniform shade. Closed, work hours, mO 11:00 21:00, sA 11:00 21:00, tU 11:00 21:00, sU 12:00 20:00, wE 11:00 21:00, tH 11:00 21:00, fR 11:00 21:00. Youve collaborated with hip local vodka heroes Our/ Berlin tell us about the infusion you created? The matcha tastes like fish soup (smells literally like fish). At P T we focus on pure whole-leaf teas and brew them according to the Chinese tradition of Gong-Fu allowing for multiple, flavorful infusions while elevating teas preparation to a relaxing, decelerating ritual that brings some calm to our hectic modern lives. And so what really inspired me to start P T was simply my love for good, pure tea and because I couldnt readily find in Europe some of the amazing teas I had tasted during my travels in Asia. Berliners are clearly getting wise to the delights of tea; speciality store. Awesome pancakes, with sweet and sour fillings. Try the Triple Q Maraquja, it has three different toppings.

Aber wegen der krassen Schlange geh ich trotz des authentischen Geschmacks ungern dahin :D. They were looking for a tea company to work with and we were looking for a local liquor company to venture into more unconventional ways of enjoying teas.  From this premise we began to think away from the conventional over-the counter apothecary tea shop model and more along the lines of how sophisticated fashion or cosmetics are presented. All sourced by the owner Panos and each with a curious story within Greek history. However, we are expanding our network of hospitality partners not just across Berlin, but across Europe, to spread the word about quality, whole-leaf tea.

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Berlin, eating Out, paper Tea Mitte, rob Wilkes 14 October, 2014. Tea Room, Pho Restaurant.34 km, bubble's Tea, henriette-Herz-Platz 4, Berlin, 10178, Germany, asian Fusion Restaurant, Bubble Tea Shop.38. The taro was the only one that tastes quite decent. The classic bubble tea and taro bubble tea are my favorite. Each store is a living embodiment of the authentic, uncompromising approach that is at the very foundation of P Ts identity. This is a place for you! Both originating in China thousands of years ago and both over time being adopted around the globe and sharing a similar legacy as agents for communication, creativity, and learning.