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in and not for photographing or spectating. Consists of differently decorated rooms, each benefiting from the designers impeccable attention to detail. Tanzboden, literally translating to dance hall (or dance floor is a traditional Bavarian dance event where dance masters teach traditional dances to participants. By getting in contact with the local tourism board or reading local (or international) travel blogs, you can find a lot of unique activities that generally are not listed in any guidebook. Attend a Cultural Event One of my favorite experiences in Munich was attending the cultural event Tanzboden with Munich locals. Every Sunday, the entry to all state-run museums. The game was a giant puzzle that we had to solve in order to be able to get out of the room, and I thought it was a really unique and interesting thing to do during my stay.

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As the third largest city in Germany and the capital of Bavaria, Munich is overflowing with rich culture and tradition from both the German and Bavarian states. The palace became a summer residence for Bavarian rulers and is famous for being both the birthplace of King Ludwig II and the place whereKing Max I Joseph died. . We all know how big I am on eating, and Germany is a great place to eat your heart out. Munich while hitting all of the citys main attractions is to take a hop-on-hop-off bus tours. Although it is still used by the current Bavarian ruler, a portion of the grounds are open to the general public. I took Sandemans free walking tour, which provided me with a lot of information and history on the history. Try a Live-Exit Game While I was in Munich, I played a live-exit game called HintQuest where my teammates and I had to escape from a locked room within 60 minutes. . It turns out that the festival was only known to people who lived in the neighborhood and so many people were very interested in talking to me, an outsider, who ended up at the event. Is open Thursday to Saturday 11pm to 5am and is situated on Maximiliansplatz.

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