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20 (8 churches) Atheist/Agnostic: 20 Muslim: 2 Notable people edit Josef Albers, (1888-1976 painter, graphic artist, designer, art teacher August Everding, (1928-1999 Director of the Hamburgische Staatsoper 1973-77, general director of the Bavarian State Theater rector) Bernhard. Johannes Baptist (BOT-Boy). They are (with their official numbering) 11 Altstadt 12 Nord-Ost (Northeast) 13 Süd-West (Southwest) 21 Fuhlenbrock-Heide (Fuhlenbrock- Heath ) 22 Fuhlenbrock-Wald (Fuhlenbrock- Forest ) 31 Stadtwald ( City forest ) 32 Eigen 41 Batenbrock-Nord (Batenbrock-North) 42 Batenbrock-Süd (Batenbrock-South) 51 Boy 52 Welheim 61 Ebel/Welheimer Mark. International relations edit See also: List of twin towns and sister cities unser oldenburg in Germany Bottrop is twinned with: Tourcoing, France, since 1967 Blackpool, England, United Kingdom Berlin-Mitte, Germany, since 1983 (first with Berlin-Wedding, which merged with Berlin-Tiergarten and Berlin-Mitte) Veszprém, Hungary, since 1987 Merseburg, Germany.

65) - there are three churches there. City Hall (Neo-Renaissance 19101916) is regarded as the emblem of the city. Contents, boroughs edit, the total area of the municipal territory is about 101 square kilometres (39 square miles). Bottrop grew as a mining center beginning in the 1860s, was chartered as a city in 1921, and bombed during the. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, altmarkt in the city,. Germany, on the Rhine-Herne Canal,.

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Bottrop is divided into 3 boroughs, they are: Bottrop-Mitte (Bottrop-Center Bottrop-Süd (Bottrop South) and, bottrop-Kirchhellen, each one having a borough representation and a borough ruler. The city had been a coal-mining and rail center and contains factories producing coal-tar derivatives, chemicals, textiles, and machinery. Culture and attractions edit Theaters, museums and buildings edit Main Post Office, constructed. Der offizielle Twitter-Account der Stadt Bottrop (Impressum: ). Inhalt anspringen, anzeigen, cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung von Diensten auf dieser Webseite. Cyriakus, Propstei, built 1861/62 by Emil von Manger.