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oder die Seite wurde entfernt. That's not to say a vegetarian couldn't enjoy a hearty meal, especially as the cheese is so moreish. Even when super busy, service is warm, gracious and very accommodating of any dietary needs. Read more 8 Restaurants, Bistros Café unter den Linden As the name implies, this laid-back locale is more café than restaurant, but it wins a place on the list as a Schanzenviertel staple since the early 80s, when the now heavily gentrified neighborhood still retained. This fine French brasserie has been serving up top notch bouillabaisse and steak tartare since 1882, with a sauerkraut dish to satisfy any hankerings for a bit of German grub. Potato Wasabi Puree: interesting, but the charred avocado on top didn't do much. Ono ist das zweite Restaurant von Starkoch Steffen Henssler - mitten in Hamburg Eppendorf mit Blick auf den Isebek-Kanal und einer großen Sommerterrasse. For old-school Hamburg class and outstanding seafood, you can choose no better than the Fischereihafen.

Caesar salad: had a weird flavor going. Tucked away off an uncharismatic main road, Le Plat du Jour has no big claims when it comes to location, but nevertheless enjoys a long-standing and loyal clientele, mostly led by its excellent word-of-mouth reputation. The food was only mediocre and although the staff was friendly, it was clear most of them were inexperienced. Marinated beefsashimi: this was mostly raw beef with a sear on the outside. Seafood reigns supreme at the top restaurants in Hamburg, which also include French, Lebanese and traditional German spots. We ordered a lot and shared the dishes: Rump steak (medium rare this steak was undercooked (although I preferred it that way it wasn't actually medium rare, but it was pretty good. Wouldn't go back again, but it wasn't terrible). Diese kulinarische Mitte aus immer frischen Zutaten von höchster Qualität ist die Philosophie unseres Restaurants. The cuts are chunky and the skinny fries are a perfect accompaniment.

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