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learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. Mehr dazu, kurs Performance und Medien, du wolltest schon immer Multimedia-Arbeit auf der Bühne ausprobieren? Sie sehen da zu viele Tasten und Schalter?

Wir bilden Kinder und Erwachsene im Bereich Fotografie, Design, zeitgen ssische Kunst und Film aus.
With its innovative concept of an international and contemporary art school and residency, the BAI is a new and independent institute for artistic training and advanced training and research.
The, school of Creative, art Photography is, art Photography, education.

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berlin art school photography

Photos: Elly Clarke 'The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. To be able to give form to a situation in such a way that the person who views it understands it, even without a single word. During your studies, youll familiarize yourself with and try out various photographic genres, such as portrait, fashion, art, and documentary. Credits: 210 ects Highlights: Focus on individual development in small learning groups and personal atmosphere. Photography is an international language with its own rules and ways of finding legitimacy. The programs taught at our university also include practical projects with top partners from the creative industry and field trips and exhibitions (to places like Paris, New York, Vietnam, Iceland, etc. Berlin Artschool entstand als ein Projekt für Freunde. Porträtwerkstatt, porträts verstehen und machen. As a photography graduate, youll have learned how to translate ideas and emotions into complex images under professional conditions.

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