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in 815, and its archbishops became powerful princes within the realm of the Holy Roman Empire. December 30, 1790 Austria has crushed the Brabant Revolution and order is established. Referring to Metternich's first wife, Eleonore von Kaunitz, Alan Palmer notes, "Eleonore was small and plain looking, with so few features on her face that she presented and insoluble problem to the portrait painters." Seriously, buy Palmer's Metternich biography. Here she shines: Koenigswart Castle, now in the Czech Republic Photo: Bohemia Frantikovy Lázn Metternich's Father Klemens von Metternich's father was the Count (German: Graf ) and later Prince (German: Fürst ) Franz Georg Karl von Metternich (also: Francis George Charles von Metternich.) He lived. Accommodation, flights, flight Hotel, car rentals, airport taxis. September 27, 1795 At Austerlitz, Clemens von Metternich marries his first wife, Eleonore von Kaunitz. By arranging a marriage between her son Klemens and Eleonore von Kaunitz, grand-daughter of "Austria's greatest statesman of the century the famous chancellor Kaunitz. In fact, with regards to climbing the nobility ladder, Franz gained much more from this marriage than did Beatrice. The Austrian War commences. Bertier de Sauvigny.

1805 Napoleon 's armies occupy Vienna. It was Napoleon who had the last word, winning the Battle of Wagram, which was fought July 5 - 6, 1809. Because one of his ancestors, Heinrich Metternich, became owner of Königswart after having successfully fought in the Battle of the White Mountain in 1620, which was part of the Thirty Years' War. He died in 1830.

Francis II strips off one I and declares himself Emperor of Austria as Francis. The couple had four children. Was chosen as Imperial Plenipotentiary. Before starting at his new desk, Metternich stays the summer at Vienna, travels to Konigswart in primark dresden verkaufsoffener sonntag autumn, and will arrive at Dresden on November 4, 1801. August 27, 1791 Declaration of Pillnitz March 1, 1792 Leopold II dies. This marriage had been arranged by Metternich's mother Beatrice.

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