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office success of The Curse of Frankenstein led to the inevitable desire for a sequel in The Revenge of Frankenstein, and an attempt to give the Hammer treatment to another horror icon. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971 another version of Robert Louis Stevenson 's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, this time with a gender-swapping twist Vampire films edit In addition to their Dracula series, Hammer produced a number of other horror movies on the. The British independent film company, hammer Productions was founded in 1934, and flourished in the mid-1950s through the 70s with "Gothic Horror" films often based on classic literature characters and imaginative story fragments. . During the late 1960s and 1970s the saturation of the horror film market by competitors and the loss of American funding forced changes to the previously lucrative. Region Region 2 (UK, Europe) - PAL hammer amboss steigbügel Other regions? It's not a comedy, but it's got a comic title. A History of Horrors - The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer. We must have a great deal more restraint, and much more done by onlookers' reactions instead of by shots of 'pulsating obscenity hideous scars, hideous sightless faces, etc, etc. Hammer formula, with varying degrees of success. Commentary track from the abus disc is not included.

Thorley Walters was a well known comedy actor in British films who played semi-comic supporting roles in Hammer movies such as The Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein Created Woman. Audrey Field reported on : "We are concerned about the flavour of this script, which, in its preoccupation with horror and gruesome detail, goes far beyond what we are accustomed to allow even for the 'X' category. Universal was not interested, 28 and the search for money eventually brought Hammer back.a.p.'s Eliot Hyman, through another of his companies, Seven Arts (which later merged with Warner Bros., now the successor-in-interest.a.p. Resurrection (193855) edit Bray Studios, Berkshire. Curse of Frankenstein (1957 hammer's first horror film is a long way from being an accurate Frankenstein film, but with impressive production and a fantastic leading duo, it is a strong, highly recommended film, and a good start to the Frankenstein series to follow. Frankenstein Created Woman (1967 a decent film although it does lack a spark that would be seen in the next sequel, Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1969). Also in 2012, Hammer and Alliance Films announced two more films going into production during 2012, entitled The Quiet Ones and Gaslight. It is a watchable film, even if the lack of excitement means it doesn't hold up to repeat viewings, certainly worth watching for fans of the series. I don't see the point." 37 The film indulges the turn toward self-parody suggested by the title, with some humour appearing in the script, undercutting any sense of horror. With a final budget of 81,412, Dracula began principal photography on 11 November 1957.