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Tabouret oil on canvas, 139x150 cm, 2013 The roof oil on canvas, 257x194 cm, 2013 Education. Spinosa, the painter, works in an extremely performative, quasi-ritualistic fashion, using his own body as the primary carrier of pigment, subsequently altered with hand applied elements. In particular, it makes it easier to put together a multitude of ideas that can be read both independently and in combination with one another. 1987 ff Geometrisation of Mankind and the World, travelling exhibition.L. Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Wörlen, Passau Eine kurze ng Dany Keller Galerie, Eichelhardt Ingeborg Lüscher, Tomas Eriksson arge Kunst Bozen Ingeborg Lüscher. Statement For several years I have been painting screens. (Catalogue) 1996 C Arte Viva, viii Festival Europeo, Senigallia (AN). These screens have, for me, a direct link with the cinema. The results will be some entirely photographic work (Flynts the 10 meter floor performed painting (Spinosas and, primarily, the combined multi-media works on paper that will be the fusion series, tandem selected solo exhibitions installations: 2009 Heartgalerie, Paris 2008 Antipodes festival, Le Quartz, Brest, France. Studienaufenthalt in der Villa Massimo, Rom 1984 eis im Art-Künstlerwettbewerb "Deutsche Landschaft heute" Einzelausstellungen 1967 Galerie am Abend, Berlin 1968 Galerie Miniature, Berlin 1970 Galerie Lietzow, Berlin 1971 Galerie Ostheimer, Frankfurt Galerie Lietzow, Berlin 1974 Paula Modersohn-Becker-Haus, Bremen 1975 Galerie Lietzow, Berlin 1976 Galerie apex.

Variabel, 2013 Detail Steininstallation aus Narvik Granit dim. The road to contemporary art, stand Changing Role, Roma The Wall, FAC Room, Milano, curated by Matteo Bergamini Open - Mongin Art Space Open Studio, Mongin Art Space, Seoul (South Korea curated by Jiyae Choi 2009 Big in Japan, Arcus Project, Ibaraki, (Japan curated. Galera Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Muestra de Artes Visuales Injuve.

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Växjö Art Hall, Växjö. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany 2008 Fairplay Film Video Award 2008, Lugano, Switzerland 2008 Borderlives. Exhibitionlist 1973 Gallery Eric and Christiane Germain, Paris with Timothy Hennesy - Masks 1974 Gallery Eric and Christiane Germain, Paris- Masks 1975 Museum of Chartres - Le masque de profil et de farce 1976 Rocco Turzi Gallery, Paris, with Anne de Lustrac - Paintings, photos. Of 4 2 AP 2 in size 150x150 cm 2 in size 20x 20 cm T'filin schel jad, 2006 Archiveprint auf Hahnemühle Papier. USA 1944 Education Design Degree in Fashion Illustration School of Visual Arts, New York Design Degree in Fashion design Fashion Institute of Technology, New York Worked as fashion- and costume designer internationally for various fashion companies New York, Tokyo, Paris, Genf, Berlin, Luxemburg, Köln 2004. C Artissima 2005, Galleria Cardelli Fontana, Galleria 41 artecontemporanea C Art(Verona 2005, Galleria Cardelli Fontana C ArteFiera Bologna 2005, Galleria Cardelli Fontana, Galleria 41 artecontemporanea C MiArt 2005, Galleria Cardelli Fontana 2004 P "I muschi del sentiero Bonioni arte, Reggio Emilia, curated by Ivan Quadroni. In der Überwachung der Herzfrequenz zeigte sich, dass höhere Lichtintensitäten eine stärkere Aktivierung im Wachzustand bewirken. Founder of the Trust Forums of cultures to questions of our time Since 2005 Member of the Initiativ Humboldt Forum Berlin. Hanns Kunitzberger: Projektidee, Konzept, Leitung.

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cubes mannheim bilder

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