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198.00. A 1 inch group @ 100 yards is referred to as a 1 MOA group. (4 MOA.00 yards). On a regular basis the rifle shoots 10 shot groups that are well under an inch from a bipod. If I were to commission a professional gunsmith to build the same or similar rifle it would cost me at least 2000 and likely more than that. To move the bullet impact 1 inch you would need 4 clicks (.25 x 4 1) Example: When sighting in a rifle the bullet needs to move up 5 inches to hit the center of target. Minute of Angle as it applies to group size and drop. Exact Minute of Angle (MOA 1 MOA.0471996 inches @ 100 yards. With my caliber being decided I began to look for a Savage short action rifle to base my build. I wanted something I could shoot varmints or large game with.

How many MOA clicks do you need to turn your scope minimum hourly wage berlin turret to hit the center of the target? Burris Signature Zee Rings, regardless of what scope you are using the Burris Signature Zee Rings are an excellent choice. (MOA x yards) / 100 inches (4 MOA x 700 yards) / 100. It was a youth model so the barrel was 20 inches and the stock was extra short. Screw the barrel out of the action. Also, be aware that the Savage WSM actions come from the factory with a larger barrel shank diameter. Sharp Shooter Supply carries them.

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